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Monday, November 21, 2011

Elements Bits: Setup


50 Cent – Sonny
Bruce Willis – Biggs
Ryan Philippe – Vincent Long

Long time buddies Sonny and Vincent move in on a score, but after the heist, Sonny is caught by surprise, when he is betrayed and shot by Vincent. Sonny survives the hit, and vows to take revenge. There’s only one problem, Vincent has gone underground and the only way to find him is to go through the ruthless mob boss Biggs.

But it’s not that easy to just go and ask help from a mob boss, so Sonny is tasked to do the mob’s dirty work first by reclaiming 2 million dollars from a group of Russians that belong to Biggs. But Sonny’s problem does not end there. The people they stole from during the 1st heist are out to get them as well.

So what does Sonny do? He devises a setup of his own.


Elements Bits number 1:

It’s really hard to trust people nowadays. Even your closest friends can be your worst enemies, (especially amongst thieves.) So is it better not to trust anyone? If you’re too trusting, they call you gullible. If you don’t trust that much, they call you paranoid. Click here to view my opinions about trust: Circle of Friends


Memorable Quotes:

Biggs: “You managed to piss off a very important group of people that I make money with. That means you owe me now.”
Sonny: “Is that right?”
Biggs: “Yeah that’s right. Everything I say is right.”

Priest: “If everything was perfect, then you wouldn’t be on earth, you’d already be in heaven.”

Elements Bits: Zookeeper


Kevin James – Griffin Keyes
Rosario Dawson – Kate
Leslie Bibb – Stephanie

Griffin has been a zookeeper for the longest time. He never felt this to be an issue up until his marriage proposal was turned down by his girlfriend Stephanie. According to Stephanie, she doesn’t see herself with a man that does this kind of job for a living.

But Griffin loved the zoo so much, and decided not to pursue things anymore. One day, Griffin’s brother was going to get married and during the pre-wedding party, Stephanie was there and Griffin seems to be determined to change his life, leave the zoo and be with her again.

Here begins the crazy part. The zoo animals overhear Griffin’s plans and divulge their secret to Griffin that they can talk to humans, and that they decided to help Griffin win the girl of his dreams if he stays with the zoo.

Talking animals giving advice about love? It’s not your usual chick flick movie, but more of a kids’ film. A few laughs here and there, but nothing that really keeps me glued to the story.


Elements Bits number 1:

Love is a very tricky and backstabbing feeling. There seems to be no perfect formula for it. It gets even more complicated when you add your friends’ advices to the mix. (Especially if you’re getting an advice from a monkey, just like in the movie) With so many opinions and ideas, you will most likely be unable to coherently decide on what you should really do in a situation that involves love. So who or what should you listen to? Follow your heart or heed to your mind?


Memorable Quote:

Kate: “Did you know that the female eagle is attracted to the male that can fly the highest. Soar with me.”

Babe Battle

Rosario Dawson vs. Leslie Bibb

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Raintree - Teapresso Blends

We live in an area that seems to be a traffic hub in this part of the city. But the upside to it, there are a lot of commercial establishments right outside the village. There are so many coffee lounges around, and Raintree provides an alternative to caffeine cravings.

Located at 141 Katipunan Avenue, St. Ignatius Village, Q.C., they are open from Monday to Saturday, 11:00AM to 11:00PM. (I do hope they open up during Sundays; this is the one day of the week that we want to kick back and relax before another week starts.)

Honey Grapefruit Nippy
and Dreamy Kiwi Tea Float

Almond Joy Milk Tea

Vegetarian Panini w/ Mozzarella Cheese

Their Strawberry Fields Pearl Tea Float is superb. (It has a scoop of Vanilla ice cream; yes I know, it defeats the purpose of drinking healthy tea, but I don't care, it tastes great!) And their Lime Pie hits the spot.(The pie is a bit expensive though) But the drinks are reasonably priced.

Thank you Raintree for being there, you are indeed my cup of tea.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pacman at The Garage - 11.13.11

Spent my Sunday with the family watching the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight at our uncle's house. Since everyone is talking about how ugly the win was for Pacman, I'm riding the bandwagon and giving my thoughts on it as well;

It all boils down to the statistics. Based on the official scorecards and punch count, Manny was more aggressive than Marquez. JM Marquez being the challenger, he is expected to be the aggressor. On video you will see that indeed the punches landed by Marquez connected harder, but a punch is counted as one (1) hit regardless of hard hard it lands. (Unless that one punch knocks your opponent out.) According to CompuBox, Pacquiao landed 176 of 578 punches, while Marquez connected on 138 of 436 punches.

I know it's not a convincing win. People were probably used to Pacman either knocking the lights out of his opponents or they leave the ring bloodied and bruised all over and head to the hospital right after the fight. Some say he has gone soft, some say he can't balance boxing and being a congressman, and some say a win is a win. Regardless of what our opinions are, one thing is for sure...Pacman is 30 million dollars richer.

So we ended the day sharing our thoughts with Johnnie, Avion, Absolut and Smirnoff;

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Elements Bits: Captain America - The First Avenger


Chris Evans - Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Hugo Weaving - Johann Schmidt (Red Skull)
Hayley Atwell - Peggy Carter
Stanley Tucci - Dr. Abraham Erskine
Tommy Lee Jones - Colonel Chester Phillips

Steve Rogers wanted to serve his country by joining the army in the fight against the Germans, there's only one problem, he is as frail as a matchstick. He tried committing fraud by enlisting at different military centers, hoping that he will somehow get through. To his surprise, he passes the screening with the help of Dr. Erskine, the scientist behind an experimental formula that turns a brittle boy into a super soldier.

On the other side, Hitler's obsession in acquiring godly artifacts prompted the expedition to locate Loki's cosmic cube. Led by the Red Skull, the Nazi Research Division - HYDRA, focused on harnessing the power of Loki's cosmic cube, in their efforts to finally achieve global domination. So it is up to the First Avenger to lead the alliance and stop the Red Skull.

(I just love watching Marvel films. Aside from bringing the comics to life, the hidden scenes at the end of the credits, gives you a preview of what the next film may be. It's seems like all Marvel stories are intertwined.)


Elements Bits Number 1:

Determination. Strong-willed. Not all of us were born with a physique that can make us join or compete in activities that require huge amounts of energy, strength and mental toughness. Having to deal with the frustration of being feeble, we push ourselves into becoming someone (Or something; when people use performance enhancing drugs. It just doesn't seem natural) in order to be able to prove to ourselves that we can achieve anything, even altering our physical state, if we put our minds to it.

Elements Bits Number 2:

Each and every individual has it's own set of skills and abilities. Even superheroes have their limitations and weaknesses. We just have to know our roles. When we focus on what skills we have, we are able to specialize and make ourselves invaluable. Sometimes it's not all about brute force; for example, being very persuasive is a powerful skill to have. Conflicts can prevented if you can convince the opposing force to surrender. (Or you can try mastering the art of the Jedi, and control the minds of others)

Memorable Quote:

Dr. Erskine: "Because a strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength."

Monday, November 7, 2011

Legend of Shangri-La

I am pretty sure we have always dreamed of our own Shangri-La. A mythical place that surpasses paradise. A sanctuary where our worries and problems are kept outside the barriers of peace. A destination of retreat from the bad Elements of life.

Documentation (Both fiction and non-fiction) states that Shangri-La is a mythical and harmonious valley, wherein it's actual location cannot be officially determined. Claims have been made that it secretly lies in the Himalayan region, the Kunlun Mountains, Tibet, and Bhutan. It's inhabitants are almost immortals, where their life span is extended and physical aging seems to be at a stand still.

Whether there is historical proof or not, of this fabled "Garden of Eden", it seems that this place will continue to elude us mortals for all eternity. There is even an article that relates how National Geographic funded an expedition to find Shangri-La. click here: Shangri-La Caves.

In this age, there may be no earthly place that can come close to the tranquility and serenity that Shangri-La can provide. People live most of their lives on a quest to find inner peace, maybe it was meant to be that way, one's journey of self realization rather than a destination easily accessible to all.

Words that bring you Peace

Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble; alleviation of distress or discomfort.
To soften in feeling or temper, as a person; pacify; appease.
To tranquilize or calm, as a person or the feelings; relieve, comfort, or refresh.
Moral strength.
To restore to life; give new life to.
Click here to know more: Words To Bring You Peace
Recommended Books:

Julia turns One Month

My baby princess turns one month old today.

This is all I do, sleeeeep

With Manong Kyle and Kuya Kian

With Kuya Kian and cousin Baby Natalia
(Kian sometimes mixes up their names and calls them Baby Tulia)

Belief vs. Trust - by Gan Chennai

Belief vs. Trust
by Gan Chennai

Belief is Doubtful, Trust is Certain
Belief is from Mind, Trust is from Heart
Belief is lip service; Trust is heart felt
Believe many; Trust only a Few

Believing is Easy, Trusting is Hard
Belief scores 50%, Trust scores 100%
Belief is Ordinary; Trust is Extra-ordinary
Belief is start point; Trust is end point

Belief is limited; Trust is infinite
Belief is shaking hands, Trust is embracing
Belief keeps control; Trust gives up control
Belief is jumping opportunities; Trust is staying

Belief is not time tested; Trust passes tough times
Belief is Partial; Trust is Complete
Believe in Thoughts; Trust your Intuition
Belief in God is attempting; Trust in God is surrender

Belief is Important; Trust is Essential

Elements Bits: Your Highness


Danny McBride - Thadeous
James Franco - Fabious
Natalie Portman - Isabel

There is a prophecy that every 100 years, two moons will eclipse one over the other and the child that is born during this time will bring forth such evil to the land. An evil sorcerer who is a descendant of those who have sought to make this prophecy come true in the past but failed, has been terrorizing the land as well, in efforts to fulfill this prophecy.

Prince Fabious has been searching for the evil sorcerer, Leezar. On one quest, Prince Fabious was able to rescue a fair maiden, Belladonna, from the lair of Leezar, and plans to marry her. But on the day of the wedding, Leezar appears and recaptures Belladonna. Leezar plans to fulfill the prophecy by using Belladonna as the host to give birth to this evil.

On the quest to save Belladonna, Prince Fabious enlists his no good lazy brother to aid him. Along the journey they are betrayed by one of Prince Fabious' most trusted companion. They are now on the run and must need to seek other help if they plan to continue their quest, which requires them to obtain the enchanted blade of the Unicorn, the only sword that can kill Leezar.

As fate would dictate it, they cross paths with Isabel. The last descendant of the Harshbarger Order and of the Golden Knights. Will Isabel be enough to end this evil sweeping across the land?

(All throughout the movie, slapstick comedy is portrayed but fairly succeeds. Surprisingly the CGI effects and medieval scenery mimics that of the Lord of the Rings.)


Elements Bits number 1:

I admit, I tend to be too trusting. Only to find out that some elements use that trust for malicious intent. Sometimes it is taken for granted when they do things behind your back and they seem to be so convincing that nothing is happening. It's just like don't know who your true friends are. You just have to watch your back Jack.

Memorable Quote:

Prince Fabious: "Boremont, you dare to betray me twice?!"
Boremont: "No. It's the same betrayal as before, it all just counts as one."


Battle Ready Babe:

You wouldn't want her setting her sights on you with that thing pointing towards your way...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Featured Clips of the Day: Funny Halloween Commercials

Just Take One

Why Sport?

HalloWeek-end 2011

This year was an exciting Halloween experience for my 2-year old son. He was able to attend three Trick or Treat events, one in our village, at my office and the other one in Magallanes village. (We were supposed to attend as well the event in Ayala Heights where my dad lives, but we just didn’t have the time for it.)

We had difficulty finding a costume for him, since he felt uncomfortable with the pumpkin costume and we couldn’t get him to wear the vampire outfit. Luckily for us we were able to find this fire truck costume. (He really goes nuts with fire trucks, buses and trains.)

His eyes really lit up seeing all the goodies in his loot bag. My worry now is that he may be taking in too many sweets and this gets him all hyped up. (He is already full of energy even without the sugar, so can you just imagine adding more coal to a steaming locomotive)

Blue Ridge B


Magallanes Village

Looking forward to next year, and this time, little Julianna will be joining already.

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