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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Dose of Sense: Motorcycle Madness

On certain days we encounter situations that makes us think…what just happened? Or we come across individuals that makes us wonder…what were you thinking? When things tend to get complicated, we often over-think the situation, not knowing that the solution sometimes…is plainly common sense. 

Diagnosis: Motorcycle Madness


Patient may be suffering from the worst stage of motorcycle madness which is categorized as the Deadly Evel Knievel – Hallucinating Enhanced Disease; or for short DEK-HED.

These motorcycle riding DEKHEDs feel they are invincible. Nothing can stop them including incoming traffic when they counter-flow, enter one-way streets and cross intersections with total disregard to safety.

These DEKHEDs weave through traffic as if they have ingested some sort of hallucinogens, which they think gives them unnatural power to squeeze through any tight spot.

These DEKHEDs also have deficiencies with color association. Even when the light shows red which means stop, all they see is green.

Further Evaluation and Medication:

Please help me understand how a DEKHED like you had this belief that you have that powerful privilege of violating common road rules. What authoritative agency gave you the right to create your own lane aside from the usual motorcycle lane?

Patient is delusional. The DEKHED firmly believes that Yamaha hired him to compete in the MotoGP. Honestly, who are you trying to impress by doing 80 to a 100 KPH on a side road?

You are not indestructible. But if you have a knack for getting yourself busted wide open, try applying as a crash test dummy for some car manufacturer. This way, they would have more realistic results.

Don’t be a DEKHED.

It’s just common sense. But you’re not common…you’re special.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Kid's Garage: Ferrari 575 GTC

Boys with their toys. We love collecting stuff. And for me, one of them would be HotWheels / Matchbox cars. It came to a point that I sometimes buy the same car already. So my son gave the idea that I should take an inventory of them to avoid duplicates. The collection actually started with him when he was younger, but as he grew older, it seems that the kid grew and the dad didn't.

Ferrari 575 GTC (Yellow)

Ferrari 575 GTC (Silver)

Searching for the other variants:

Actual Car:

Featured Clips of the Day: Talkin' About The Movie With Yehya

Planning on watching a movie this weekend? How about catching some previews with Yehya. 
(Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

Mission Impossible 5

American Sniper


The Imitation Game



Thursday, September 3, 2015

National Heroes Holiday 2015

Earlier this year I made a promise to visit at least one major attraction or destination every month; (January was an exemption since we were in Vietnam for our anniversary. I'm a Tourist: Vietnam. I had to pass up on July as well since it was my son's birthday and the office sent me to Dumaguete City.)

1. Hot Air Balloon Festival (February)
2. Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (March)
3. Staycation (April)
4. Labor Day 2015 (May)
5. Pico De Loro 2015 (May)
6. Independence Day 2015 (June)

Kids nowadays have very specific demands;

Spend a night at a hotel
Must have a pool
Must be in Tagaytay

But keeping true to our promise not only brought a huge smile on their faces, it also gave us a chance to explore more attractions within the Luzon area.

Having to find an affordable place especially during a long holiday weekend can be challenging since these destinations usually bump up their prices and availability is close to nil. Luckily, we found Hotel Dominique which was just located along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay.

With a party of 8, you would usually have to get at least 2 rooms. But Hotel Dominique offered what they called a Casitas; having two floors, with a huge Queen size Bed (with a pullout bed), and 2 twin size beds, extra mattresses, 2 bathrooms and a balcony. And of course, the most crucial thing nowadays…the free Wifi. All of these for a low price not exceeding Php 7,000.00.

We then tried to maximize our time by checking out new places in the area. 
(With the exception of the Bee Farm.)

Lunch at Balay Dako

Ilog Maria Bee Farm. The need for honey for allergies.

Dinner at Caffe Sant’Antonio for some Four Cheese Pizza, Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino, and a Strawberry Banana smoothie.

And one the highlights of the trip, which is one for the books; the Guinness World Record holder, Puzzle Mansion, for having the world's largest collection of jigsaw puzzles.

Biggest Puzzle in the World (With I think 32,000 pcs)

2nd Biggest Puzzle in the World (24,000 pcs)

And of course the best part...

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