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Friday, July 12, 2013

Kian Turns 4

The first week of July is one of those very special moments in my life, for we get to celebrate every year the birth of a little souped up energizer devil named John Konstantine. There isn't a dull moment with him; although I keep saying that at times he is stubborn, you cant just get mad at him because of his witty responses that makes you laugh.

One day on the way home from school, I told him not to make a mess when eating inside the car or else I will have him clean the whole car. His reply to this..."Eh di mag car wash ka." (Then go to the car wash.)

Whenever I tell him not to disturb me because I'm about to sleep, if he catches me playing with my Galaxy Tab, he would say..."Kala ko ba sleep ka na, patayin mo yan." (I though you're sleeping already, turn that off.)

I can't believe this was really coming out of a 4-year old.

You've grown so much, my Mini-Me. Before I know it, I wouldn't have the back or the shoulders to carry you around when we go to malls anymore. So I will cherish every minute, every moment that I can spare, and make a promise to you that I will live by your side and walk you through your growing years.
Happy 4th Birthday Kian!!

Having a simple Sunday Celebration with the family

Celebrating his 4th in school.
Of course, the little princess, Kian's sidekick.

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