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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sta.Elena: Balik Bukid Experience

It's been a long and busy November for me, and what better way to relax and enjoy the weekend, by going back to the basics, nature tripping. The family took a short drive to Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate where they were hosting the Balik Bukid Country Fair.
It was definitely something new and refreshing for me. And the kids really enjoyed the farm animals. Lots of food, mini bazaar, great entertainment and we stayed there till the early evening to cap the day off with an anticipated Sunday mass.
Organic Lechon and Pure Grass-Fed Beef Hamburger with Mozzarella Cheese and Bacon!!
The kids with their Buko Juice.
Though Kian was really disappointed that he was not able to catch any fish, he was still a very happy kid that day.
Finally a real horse ride for Kian and not just a carousel in a mall.
Even the yayas were having fun; taking their pictures with actress G Toengi.
Having a siesta.
Kyle on the Zip Line.
Back to nature. Balik bukid. Till next year...

Elements Bits: Puncture

Chris Evans– Mike Weiss
Mark Kassen– Paul Danziger
Brett Cullen – Nathaniel Price
Mike Weiss and Paul Danziger have a small time firm and yet are considered very good lawyers. The challenge is that Mike needs his fix of drugs and women, which in his defense actually help him break a case. After having won a case recently, they are scheduled to handle another one that involves a nurse that acquired AIDS by accidentally pricking herself with a needle when they were trying to inject a sedative from a patient three years ago.
What the nurse wants to happen is that the hospitals acquire a syringe with a safety needle that was invented by another nurse, but the hospitals wouldn’t take it into consideration. Suppliers had to go through GPOs, group purchasing organizations, so that they can bring in their products into the hospitals. GPOs then take commissions from these medical providers.
Mike and Paul are now facing a case that pits them against 300 attorneys and over two dozen anti trust experts in the US. How do you win against that? They try to get the support of a senator from Washington, but the senator has issue with Mike’s cocaine addiction, and does not want to get involved.
With their firm’s funds dwindling down the drain, they have to come up with something to keep the fight on.
(Based on a true story)
Elements Bits number 1:
David and Goliath. It is very difficult to go up against a very formidable opponent, the battle usually is lopsided. When we are faced with an insurmountable task, we also tend to just give up and say that we are but just human and one person can only do so much. Sometimes the smallest and simplest solution that is acted upon swiftly is the best option.
Elements Bits number 2:
Is it really all about winning? Whether you win or lose its how you play it? Isn't that you have to lose some time in order for you to learn how to better succeed? Or failure is never an option? As much as we want to become perfectionists or make claims that we never lost in anything we did, losing actually helps build character and works the mind to conceptualize alternatives or contingencies that would ensure we never make the same mistake again and improves our winning streak.


Memorable Quotes:

Nurse: “Sometimes the brightest light comes from the darkest places.”

Paul: “You just wanna win, that is all you’ve ever cared about.”
Mike: “At least I have the courage to lose for what’s right.”
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