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Friday, August 14, 2015

A Dose of Sense: AWOL Disease

On certain days we encounter situations that makes us think…what just happened? Or we come across individuals that makes us wonder…what were you thinking? When things tend to get complicated, we often over-think the situation, not knowing that the solution sometimes…is plainly common sense. 

Diagnosis: AWOL Disease

Absence without Official Leave. or A.K.A. the David Copperfield Persona. The sudden disappearance of an individual from the plane of reality. Now, if only the Company had some special set of skills...

The company where this individual works will now experience the RKO effect. Patterned after the popularly known signature move of WWE wrestling sensation Randy Orton. Because the AWOL comes “out of nowhere!!!”

Patient's most common symptoms for not calling in:
No cellphone signal or load
No Landline
Forgot to wake up

Further Evaluation and Medication:

How incapacitated were you, for you not to call in? And yet, you were able to post a selfie, tweet a rant, update your Facebook status, joined a clan and started a war in COC.

You decided to work for a living, and yet you don’t have that level of professionalism to simply advise the company that you no longer wish to continue. The resignation letter is just a piece of paper, it’s not as if you’re asked to write this on stone tablets, right?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the common courtesy of simply telling the company that all good things come to an end and that there is no forever. 

It’s just common sense. But you’re not common…you’re special.

So take your Dose of Sense.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kid's Garage: Toyota AE-86 Corolla - Initial D

Boys with their toys. We love collecting stuff. And for me, one of them would be HotWheels / Matchbox cars. It came to a point that I sometimes buy the same car already. So my son gave the idea that I should take an inventory of them to avoid duplicates. The collection actually started with him when he was younger, but as he grew older, it seems that the kid grew and the dad didn't.

Toyota AE-86 Corolla (Initial D version - white)

Initial D is an Anime cartoon series back in the 90's.

Actual Car:

Independence Day Weekend 2015

Earlier this year I made a promise to visit at least one major attraction or destination every month; (January was an exemption since we were in Vietnam for our anniversary. I'm a Tourist: Vietnam.)

1. Hot Air Balloon Festival (February)
2. Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (March)
3. Staycation (April)
4. Labor Day 2015 (May)
5. Pico De Loro 2015 (May)

It doesn't need to be a far off place, as long as it's with the family and the kids get to enjoy. We headed off to Seda at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa over the long Independence Day weekend; the drive was about an hour away from the Metro so there were no excuses whatsoever.

While waiting for our rooms, the hotel served treats and refreshments.
Coffee, tea, Melon juice, Guava Lemonade, bread pudding. I don't mind waiting for an hour for the room. Please do take your time.

Scene of relaxation and peace.

Someone is in awe by the view.

Game Room and Day Care area.

A visit to Nuvali isn't complete without feeding the Koi fishes.

The little boy now knows how to do a cannonball.

Enjoyed much with the cousins.Definitely deserves a round two.

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