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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Power of Suggestion

One day a man sees a fortune teller so he could know what his future holds. The fortune teller tells him that, tomorrow will be his lucky day because he will receive blessings in the form of money. True enough, he receives 20,000.00 in his bank account. Of course it was the 15th and it was his pay day. Was he led to believe that this fortune teller had psychic powers and knew that tomorrow was his pay day? Did the man believe that this is the blessing that he will receive?

Have you ever had that moment in life where you did not know what to do and asked the Almighty One for a sign? Whether it is a sign about getting a new job, if the girl you are courting is meant for you or simply asking for a sign if today would be a good day to go out. Then for some apparent reason, you pass by a corner and see the billboard of the company that you want to apply for, you then take it as a sign that it’s calling you. The girl of your dreams suddenly does not want to pick up her phone, you then take it as a sign that she does not want to talk to you anymore. It suddenly rains, and you take it as a sign to just stay indoors.

But the billboard has been there for weeks, the girl you’re courting left her phone at home, and even if it rains, it may not even matter since I will be going somewhere that has a roof on top of it. So do I consider it to be fate? Or is my mind merely suggesting to me that these things happen for a reason.

I have to admit though, I am a superstitious person. If a black cat suddenly crosses my path, I would immediately think that, damn, this is bad luck, then all through out the day, I will associate anything bad that happens to me to that black cat. Because that’s what stuck to my mind, that darn black cat. Or it’s Friday the 13th, more often than not we don’t want to go out to avoid anything bad happening. Then I decide to watch a movie, on the way to the theaters, traffic is a mess. So what comes to mind…oh yeah, because it’s Friday the 13th. (Honestly, blame it on the malls that announce a 3-day super ultimate mega sale and because pay day falls on a weekend, everyone goes out buying stuff at 70% off, it’s not because it’s Friday the 13th) But since I am a superstitious person, I am made to believe that this is all happening because of bad luck.

On the flip side of this, another example is like when I am playing basketball. I had this injury because it was my third game of the day. Then somebody told me that the injury was a sign for me to cut down on my games. Seriously? There is no possibility that the injury was caused because I forgot to properly stretch prior to the 3rd game? Or maybe somebody intentionally pushed me over the sidelines? So the Heavens just decided, “Ah, so this is your third game, let’s give this guy a sprained ankle so he will learn his lesson.” But if I let my mind suggest that to me, I would have believed that.

You see, that’s the Power of Suggestion. It’s our mind playing tricks on us. We are made to believe things and associate real life events to what our mind suggests is triggered by fate, destiny or what have you. We can actually use this to our advantage. Controlling your mind and suggesting to yourself the positive aspects of the things to come. Just like my example of the man looking for a new job. Either he looks for the positive signs of staying in his current company, or he will watch out for the negative signs to jump ship and sign up with the new one. Whichever has that prevailing factor, the mind will say that, this is your sign. But going back, you can control it. Take note, it is only a suggestion; you can either go with it or disregard it.

So use that power wisely, and don’t let that crazy black cat ruin your day.

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