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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Art of Timing - Redux

Back in 2010, I shared my thoughts about the Art of Timing.

Just recently that good friend of mine who told me that it's all about timing, finally opened the floor for a debate on her take on the said art. A typical He Said She Said environment, and I would like to share this with you, and leave it up to you as to how you would interpret it. (To my dear friend, I hope you don't mind me posting the verbatims.)
She Said...
"I believe in the fact that we shape our own future...that everything that we do today, no matter how minuscule it is, has the power to change our tomorrow. Everything happens for a reason. Not all reasons can be justified, most of them though, can be explained. There are a few, that is, well... absolute."
He Said...
"Everything does happen for a reason. But I will disagree with you that you cannot justify it, because you can. Enter the theory of Occam’s Razor. That the simplest explanation or reason to an event can actually be it. Human beings will never accept things being absolute. We will always find a higher degree of explanation or reasoning."
She Said...
"So, where does timing come into the picture?"
"Timing directly corresponds with time. And time, among those other few things, is absolute and universal. It is an endless continuum that we can't control. It won't wait nor speed up things for us. It's just there, a dormant but very powerful ticking background of life that can significantly make a lot of difference to our future."
He Said...
"I agree, that time can’t be controlled in such a way that you can’t go back in time, you can’t predict the future, and indeed I can’t slow it down nor speed things up. I am no rocket scientist but I do know that the rules of time are governed by something, and just like any rule, it too can be bent."
"Bent in such a way that you yourself mentioned, we shape our own future, and the time spent shaping that future, we can control. Not time itself but the actions that we take during those times are what matters. Thus no matter what the situation may be, one’s actions can actually turn the tide."
She Said...
"We experience many things as we go through life but we all think differently. Learning, realizing, accepting, adapting, and forgiving come in varying and complicated degrees that only time can tell when we can finally get that long-awaited epiphany so we can all move forward and have peace of mind, maybe even live happily ever after. Not all people can achieve this, some can, but not all."
He Said...
"I will agree with you that each individual has a different level of attaining knowledge and achieving a higher state of consciousness. Remember the book, the 10th Insight by James Redfield, it is actually quite a challenge to get to that level. Reaching this state gives the individual a whole new universal perspective of things."
She Said...
"Timing falls in between the lines. It does not shape our future so much as turn our lives into oblivion. Timing heavily clings to the consequences of all our actions that can make or break our relationships to other people, actions that we've done at a certain period of time. That is why there's a right or wrong timing. It all depends on how we affect other people at a particular time."
He Said...
"The consequences of our actions. That is why it’s called consequences; that some people are willing to risk in order to achieve a certain goal. Through determination and persistence, even in failure, one can still achieve success. Ok, there are certain decisions in life that we can no longer amend or reverse, and no matter how persistent one can be, there is no going back to it. I will give you that."
She Said...
"Do I believe in serendipity? Yes, I do. I would like to think that we can be lucky sometimes. Like winning a lotto. I can't explain it and I don't think I would ever want to. It will always be a magical mystery."
He Said...
"I don’t believe in luck. Your example, the lotto, it can be won if you bet on all combinations. Point being, we all take a gamble in life; it’s just a matter of finding the right combination. You fail, you try a different combination or you increase your probability of success which is something that you can control."
She Said...
"As for destiny or fate....the future of a predetermined past...I don't believe in it."
But I believe in perfect timing.... by not forcing and fighting time. This will only result in a premature realization with half-baked learnings and full of misconceptions."
He Said...
"Yes, there is what we call perfect timing, but again, not to force it or fight it, but there is a way to use time to be on your side. Just like the art of Combat Aikido. You use the force of your opponent against them and to your advantage, creating the perfect opportunity to immobilize your enemy.
Isn’t timing about this as well? Finding the right moment, the right opportunity, with the least effort possibly, which one can actually control by means of his or her actions."
"I believe most of our actions are pre-meditated, because we anticipate things, we do forecasts, create contingencies, dream of the impossible and fantasize the outcome. This is the cause. The effect is what we then perceive as the perfect moment, the right timing when these actions are executed as planned."
She Said...
"It all boils down to this: After everything that we've done, to the individuals that we've hurt along the way, does the end really justifies the means? Is it really worth it? After all, we all have to live with our choices. If we can honestly answer yes, without a shadow of a doubt, a tinge of regret, or without having a hyperactive conscience that will forever bug us, then... we've done the right thing."
He Said...
"The end never justifies the means; if the means were done in bad faith. There is a thin line there, because there are situations that call for actions we don’t want and are done because it is the right thing to do. Sometimes life even makes us choose from two of lesser evils. It may haunt us, but deep within us we have to accept that it was the right choice to make."
"And some choices are really worth that damn much."

Elements Bits: Super 8


Joel Courtney – Joe Lamb
Ella Fanning – Alice Dainard

In a small and peaceful town in Ohio, Joe and his friends were filming a movie at the train station one evening, then suddenly the train went head on with a pick-up truck driven by Dr. Woodward, who was a professor from the university. When they approach the wreckage, they notice several rubix-cube like objects all over, and before they could get any information from the professor, the army arrives.

The next morning, everything is cleaned up as if nothing happened at the train station. But then a gas station was attacked by what seems to be a huge beast. Stranger things would happen after that; car engines are missing, dogs are missing, generators and microwaves inside houses were missing.

Joe and his friends decide to investigate further on what Dr. Woodward was supposed to tell them, and when they got the film developed from their video camera, they were in for the shock of their lives.

Elements Bits number 1:

Are we better off not knowing if there is really any intelligent life other than humans? Is it something that we are prepared for? Curiosity levels vary. And for some it reaches to a point that they have this undying quest to seek answers to their celestial questions. They spend their whole lives searching for E.T.

Although I have a belief that we are not alone, but to a certain curiosity level, I don’t go beyond to seek further validation. Because I would rather spend this lifetime on something else and I just tease my belief with conspiracy theories and UFO TV shows such as Roswell.

Memorable Quote:

Alice: "What is this?? What are you doing here?"
Joe: "I'm just doing the best I can to save you."

Thursday, April 4, 2013

CSI Lessons: Cardiomyopathy

It’s not all the time that you pick up something interesting or good in whatever you are watching on the tube. Conservative and traditional parents would often say that watching too much television is not good for you; it corrupts the mind and pollutes it with nonsense and violence.
I admit I have been watching way too much CSI, but I did pick up a couple of “learnings”in some of its episodes; which for me is not nonsense at all. Thus, I would like to share with you…

Based on its medical definition found on the internet, Cardiomyopathy is generally what we call a heart failure. But I am more curious with a certain type which is called “Takotsubo” Cardiomyopathy. Takotsubo in Japan means “octopus pot”, which is actually an octopus trap, and it’s shape is how the heart looks like when it has ballooned due to the said illness.

And what’s really interesting would be one of the reasons why it is triggered. Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy or also known as stress cardiomyopathy, is when the muscles of the heart are weakened which is caused by emotional stress.

And to top things off, women are more prone to acquiring this illness.

Where am I going with this? It’s simple:

Heartbroken + Woman = Emotional Stress

Emotional Stress = Cardiac Arrest
Bottom Line:
A woman’s heart should be well-taken cared of.

(I just gave women a reason to tell their men how they should not break their hearts, or else they die…literally have a heart attack.)

Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Holy Week: Seconda Parte

Easter Sunday
This year we wanted the kids to have a great experience for Easter; We booked ourselves a reservation at the 14FourCafe.
Complete with a dinner and dessert buffet, the kids' attraction were the Easter Egg hunt, cookie decoration activity, and some colored chicks.

Nothing extravagant for this year, as it should be. Just the simple joys for the kids, as always.

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