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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Be Silent and Be Still

"Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil."

Rumors, hearsay, circumstantial information. These ignite speculation and sometimes amusement for us. We hear some juicy rumor about someone, people share with us information that has no basis, and we listen. At some point these pieces of tidbits sometimes are not shared in good faith or are being falsely disseminated, for purposes we can only imagine. Whether the truth is being spoken or not, we still listen. Of course there are occasions where we would not want to get involved, thus either we let it in through one ear and out the other ear, or never speak of it again.

We have to admit, we often deny things that we know of. As mentioned, we either do not want to get involved, or deep down we know there is no truth to it and we would not want to start any rumor mongering. But again, our threshold to contain ourselves and not speak one's mind can often torment us. Itching to lash out that tongue and get the word out. But you have to think of the repercussions before these things are spoken of. Most of us actually seek validation, and as the saying goes, "I have to see it, to believe it."

Some of us have the innate ability to be very observant. We notice a lot of things and is fully aware of our surroundings. May it be the good things or bad things, even though they come unnoticed to others, it captures our attention. But have you ever been a witness and decided to just turn the other way around? Does seeing the truth with your own eyes hurt or give you peace?

And to what purpose do we be Silent and be Still? Deniability? "Haven't heard of it, don't know nothing about it and I haven't seen anything." But what if you have all the good intentions or doing things in good faith. Do you believe that some things should be left unspoken or not acted upon?

One should always uphold integrity as a person, which is based on rules and principles. Things should always be done in good faith. If we bear ill intentions for the words and acts that are bourne out of us, then it would be prudent to just Be Silent and Be Still.

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