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Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 Holy Week: Uno Parte

In 2012 the family went on a last minute journey to Lucban; 2012 Lucban Highlights. Though I promised to properly plan out things for 2013, I realized that when you are working in the Outsourcing industry, when it comes to your personal life, you simply plan things on the fly.
Maundy Thursday

We spent the morning having a very peaceful breakfast at the Manila Peninsula.
(Using up the vouchers before it gets expired.)

And, at least this year, we were able to complete the Visita Iglesia and went to 7 churches in Quezon City.

 Good Friday
Waking up to a delicious breakfast everyday is just what I need.

 Spinach & Mushroom Omelette, French Toast

I was actually just expecting to stay home and relax, but finally decided to travel to Tagaytay. We first took the kids to Nuvali to feed the fishes and took a quick boat ride.

We then headed for Tagaytay after lunch, but the traffic at the top was too much. So we diverted to Chateau Hestia for some merienda.

On the way down we stopped for the usual Loumar's Buko Pie and Blueberry Cheese tarts, some Mr. Moo's Kesong Puti, pineapples, and a couple of "walis" for the kids so they can clean up their mess at home.

The week ain't done yet, looking forward to celebrating Easter Sunday.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Featured Clips of the Day: Key & Peele Substitute Teachers

I'm glad I never had to sit in one of these classes, but it would have been a blast...
Substitute Teacher #1

Substitute Teacher #2

Monday, March 25, 2013

Kyle's GS Graduation

You are one of the primary reason I strive at work, to provide a good education for the purpose of having the foundation or building blocks into becoming a man for others.
When you set foot upon that stage to receive your diploma for graduating Grade School, you have given me one of my proudest moments in my life. One that I will cherish and reminisce the times of your Boy Scout night, Father and Son night, and many other activities that you and I spent during those growing years.
Congratulations my son.
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