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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heart vs. Mind

"Follow your Heart..."
"Don't let your Heart consume you..."
"My Mind tells me I should give up, but my Heart won't let me..."
"It's all in the Mind..."
"Use your head, not your Heart..."

When making decisions, what do you follow, your Heart or your Mind?

When you put your Mind into it...does your Heart agree:

Thinking positively. Mindsetting. Even when you are handed a situation where the outcome would have you choose the lesser evil, you think things over. The Mind tells you what is logically best for you. Whether its based on historical data in your brain, statistically proven, realistically possible on the account of gathered facts or information. Your Mind calculates the probabilities of success or failure based on these and tells you that you are in your right Mind in making this decision.

But how do you feel about it? We often ask ourselves, deep down inside, does my Heart truly want this?

When you follow your Heart...does your Mind agree:

Passionate. Lionhearted. Even when an athlete has suffered an injury, he would will his Heart to continue playing because its a matter of who wants to win more, even with the thought that it might aggravate his condition. The Heart governs your emotions, you make decisions based on how you feel about things. Usually it is either confidence or love that drives you to make those decisions. Often times, regardless of the consequences, you still feel it is the right thing to do.

But have you really thought things through? Is my Mind telling me this is wrong?

The Balance: "You have to decide with both Heart and Mind."

General rule is that you make decisions based on what you know and feel that it is best for you. 50/50. That's the balance of things. Easy it may sound, but it's excruciatingly difficult to do. You know that feeling, when you're on the edge of losing your mind already because you can't decide, either the Heart is not willing or the Mind is not telling. Many may have lost their minds or got their hearts broken because they made the wrong decision, either because they followed their Hearts, or because their Minds thought it was right. (Can you just imagine the torment if you made the mistake of doing both at the same time..Ouch.)

So, can you tip the scales to favor the other? 70/30? 60/40? Which is more important? Regardless of the percentage, you are bound to make decisions with these combinations. Even if it's 99/1, and your Mind is telling you that 99% you won't be successful in your decision, your Heart will live by that one percent, you will still get that itch whether to take that 99% risk because deep down in your Heart you know there's a one percent chance, and that's all your Heart needs. Now if your Mind tells you that 99% this is the best thing to do, and that one percent, your Heart feels it's not right, will you be able to suppress that feeling?

On several occasions I was faced with making tough decisions that made a huge difference in my Life. Decisions that are often well-thought of, and sometimes I have to admit, recklessly executed. I made both mistakes of following my Heart and letting my Mind think it was the best course of action. But through these mistakes, one can learn the elements that protects the Heart and preserves the Mind which makes us move on despite these regretful decisions in Life.

"So what is my opinion, which is more important? Hmm, let me think what I feel is right, or shall I say, let me feel what I think is right."

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