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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eating out, Watching a movie and Basketball

I spent the weekend doing these. My wife Tin and I with our son Kyle, went to have lunch in Teriyaki Boy, we wanted to try it out since it's been a while since we last ate there and recently they did a makeover so we wanted to see if it was anything different. Besides the new selection of Makis, it was ok. I wouldn't mind paying over 300 pesos for an order of Teppanyaki, but I would expect a serving that would at least satisfy my hunger. Sad to say, it did not. the portions were a bit small, I would rather add another 100 and order a steak in Tender Bobs.

We then accompanied my wife to look around for new baby stuff for Kian. Yes, my wife and I are expecting little John Konstantine very soon. Evening came and we went to see "Night at the Museum 2". I was planning to join my cousins for an occasional drinking session at his place after the movie but I remembered I had a game the next day.

The next morning I decide to go jogging to prepare for my game, since it's been 2 months since the last time I played. I ended up aching all over. Game time was at high noon, just as the sun was peaking, so can you imagine, someone who hasn't played for quite some time, then decides to; my stamina bar went low in just a span of 3 minutes. to make matters worse, I had to play almost the entire game, and what do I get, down at the crucial minutes, both my calf muscles cramped.

After the game, I accompanied my wife to Greenhills, I took a quick bite in Belgian Fries who were also selling "Slammer" burgers. (something like what White Castle sells) And as if I can't get too much of basketball, I took Kyle to see the Harlem Globetrotters. I highly recommend watching them, the high flying dunks and slams, and the hilarious antics are unforgettable. Easy as it seems, to make a fool out of yourself on the basketball court, there is alot of precision and timing involved. For my sunday dinner, we ate at Stackers 24/7 Burger Cafe in Eastwood. (yep, I'm just living it ain't I, burger here and burger there. By the way, I also ate Wendy's Deluxe Cheezeburger during the Globetrotters' game. Why am I not surprised that I gained 30 pounds) And to cap the night off, I had a home spa massage.

I work in the graveyard shift, and it's challenging enough not to be with your family most of the week. My wife works during the day, and when she gets home, I am usually asleep. When I am about to go to work, she is usually on her way to sleep. Weekends are the only opportunities I get to really spend time with my family.

No matter how battered and bruised, how sleepy or totally spaced out I am, I try my best to spend whatever hours and minutes I can spare just to see the joy in the faces of those whom I love so dear. Some may call it obligation as a husband and father, it is what I am supposed to do or expected to do, etc. But for me, I call these selfless acts of affection. you don't do these things because it is what you are obligated to do. You do these things because it is how much you love doing them for your family. No matter how small the act or how little time you may have...

With these Elements, time spent is never wasted.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Elements of Life

Scientifically, the elements of life are identified as either the elements we see in the periodic table or the natural elements such as fire, air, water, earth and aether. Elements such as Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon are usually major elements in a particular living cell. Life as we know it is made up of cells and no matter what type of living thing, these living cells contain these important elements. Natural elements are no different, they are essential to one's existence. The posts that you will see on this Blogspot will pretty much revolve on this. How elements affect my daily life and the lives of those around me. It could also mean the key elements in a particular situation, discussion, current event, or in a particular game in sports. Generally anything and everything under the Sun.

We have to admit, there is always that key element in everything we do to succeed, in every opportunity, even in times of arguments, there is that one major element that could have been avoided, that you should not probably have included in the mix. Before you know it, you might be brewing up something that might just explode in front of you. Some say that you shouldn't fret about the little things. I agree. But there are some "little things" that I beleive should not be ignored. Take for example a huge expensive machinery; throw in a small piece of bolt in the mechanism that shouldn't be there in the first place and you would be spending a huge amount on repairs.

Life is complicated and most say it's unfair. Life is not easy, life is not all about beaches and sunshine, and life is just too precious to waste. To get the most out of Life, I believe you should just be mindful with the elements you put in it.

With those good elements, Life for you could simply be perfect.
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