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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kian Turns 7

It amazes me how 7 years have passed and how much you have grown since then. Whenever I attempt to carry you, it isn’t an easy task anymore. Although, whenever I try to explain things to you, it is easier nowadays because you understand and analyze things better. (Looking back at how I could just cradle you in my arms when you were just weeks old.)

I can no longer escape or talk my way out of certain things such as the price of apps in the Apple iTunes store. (Apparently you discovered my currency converter app and is now able to compute for the converted dollar price to pesos.) So I frequently hear you say, “Dad, one dollar and 99 cents is just like 90 pesos. I have one hundred pesos, I will pay you”.

It surprises me how you remembered that I promised to open a bank account for you when you reached the age of 7. How you keep reminding me to check the Manila Observatory if you can look into the big telescope. (I hate to bring you the bad news but they don’t have the telescope anymore, but don’t worry, they told me they will let me know when they have stargazing events.)

It amuses me how you love collecting toys just like your Lolo Johnny who collects die cast model cars, like your Tita Nan who collects Lego, and of course me, who collects pretty much everything that I missed out on during my childhood days. From your model planes, to your Kuya’s Nerf gun armory, and your Minecraft Lego (The living room right now is a Minecraft village and has now extended to my room.)

Though it saddens me a bit, that I may have not given much attention to other things. Such as being able to help you with your homework, bring you to the cinema to watch the movies you wanted and just settles to watching it on DVD, and accompanying you to play basketball or ride the scooter at the park. Thus, the reason why I keep saying that each time I get, any free time that I have, if you ask for me during those times, I will be there.

You have grown into the boy the way you should be and not the way that is forced upon. I don’t mind having you to choose your own destiny as long as I guide you along that path to what is righteous and God inspired. I may have not been there all the time, but for each time spent with you is definitely with full sincerity and affection, and never less. 

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