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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Featured Clips of the Day: Nespresso

During these rainy days your body does not want to part ways with the bed; a shot of Espresso is what you need...What Else?

With Camilla Belle

With John Malkovich

With Nazanin Boniadi

With Katy Saunders 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elements Bits: The Double


Richard Gere – Paul Sheperdson
Topher Grace – Ben Geary
Martin Sheen- Tom Highland

A U.S. Senator has been under the watch of the FBI ever since they got tipped off that the senator was dealing confidential information with Russia. One night, the senator was murdered and the FBI suspects a Russian agent who was part of the Cassius Seven. Cassius Seven was a group of Russian assassins sent on various missions around the globe during the Cold War.

But retired veteran CIA operative Paul Sheperdson is not convinced that it is Cassius. Sheperdson has been on the tail of Cassius Seven for 20 years. And why has Paul been on their tail? Because Paul is Cassius. And he has been tracking down the rest of the team to cut all loose ends that may lead to him.

Now since this is an FBI operation, they partner a rookie agent, Ben Geary, who seems to know so much about Cassius Seven, and is getting close into cracking the case wide open. But then the plot thickens. Is Cassius really out to cut loose ends? And how can a rookie agent know so much and so obsessed with Cassius?


Elements Bits number 1:

Know the competition. Study your opponents. Even if you are not at war, whenever you are up against someone or something, you actually have to look for a weakness to overcome it. Just like in basketball, if you are faced with a really tough opponent, you have to study their plays, rotations and of course, their weak points. Then you capitalize by exploiting those weak points. You really have a better chance of winning or achieving your goal if you know what you are facing.

Elements Bits number 2:

Cleaning up the trail. Of course the intention must be established. Why would you want to cover your tracks? At work, is it for the intent that you wish others not to emulate you, so that you will be invaluable to the company? Or so that there are no evidences of ill actions or traces of malicious intent? It is very rare that you see an individual who wishes no trail to lead to them for the sake of anonymity on their good deeds or work.


Memorable Quote:

Geary: “You know I always had this theory that Cassius would return to the scene of his crimes. Watch his investigators.”
Sheperdson: “You think he’s that vain?”
Geary: “Well I think that some of its vanity. Some of it is he wants to see what he’s up against.”

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SPi Tactical Airsoft Team

Hooah!! Finally, we got our Company’s Airsoft club up and running. Though the turn out was not what we expected. (Not all 24 gunners showed up) But we hope to strongly follow through on this.

We joined our first Airsoft competition in the Call Center Olympics.
(I used to play Airsoft but that was like 5 years ago.) We had Team Charlie and Delta. Team Delta was the competitive team, while Team Charlie was a rag tag band of misfits, including me. We were not supposed to even play, but since we pretty much paid for 4 teams, what the heck.

There were actually 3 scenarios that the competitors must complete. It was more of like a time trial event. And to Team Charlie’s surprise we were able to complete the first mission! (We had to secure a package across the field and avoid getting shot at by the OpFor.) Unfortunately we did not complete the other 2 scenarios anymore because my team members abandoned me! Guys, it’s supposed to be, Leave no one behind!! I cannot go commando on this!

Anyway, it was really fun. The adrenaline rush was all worth it considering that we all came from our graveyard shift to play Airsoft the whole day, and we hope to sustain this and gather more troops to join the club.

(I was wearing a neon blue sweater for pete's sake, it's literally telling the opponents, shoot me! I'm right here!)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Kian’s 3rd Birthday

My son celebrated his 3rd birthday last week and we had a construction site theme since he loves all kinds of trucks, trailers and tractors. Just a small gathering with the family and godparents. It amazes me how he knows each and every type, and the funny way he pronounces the names of the excavator and steamroller.

That is why no matter how stubborn he may be sometimes, I always look forward to being with him each and everyday I come home from work because he puts a smile on my face each and every time.

“If a child is given love, he becomes loving…if he’s helped when he needs help, he becomes helpful. And if he has been truly valued at home…he grows up secure enough to look beyond himself to the welfare of others.” - Dr. Joyce Brothers

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm a Tourist: Singapore Day 2

After overstuffing myself in day 1, it was time to burn those calories. We checked out a couple of malls, went to the grocery, and headed to Sentosa in the afternoon. And what did I do when I got to the malls, I ate some more!

The prices for clothes, electronics and other stuff were pretty much the same, except for the Magnum ice cream that sold for about 200.00 pesos. (I just had to try the new flavors that were not available in the Philippines!) The Sentosa trip was great! Especially the laser lights show at the end.

(I can't help it, I have a sweet tooth.)

Magnum Gold - Vanilla w/ Caramel
Magnum Irish Cream
Magnum Limoncello
Magnum Temptation - Hazelnut
Magnum Temptation - Fruit
Magnum Double Caramel
Magnum Dark
Magnum Mint
(I was in Magnum Heaven!!)

Flavored Yakult!! Orange, Apple and Grape
Jack Daniel's Chocolate Whiskey?? I so love Singapore!!

Singapore street fast food

Heading to Sentosa on an Angry Birds cable car

Underwater World

Can't wait to go back to SG with the kids.

Singapore Day 1

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Comics Stash: Stone (Image)

Stone Volume 2 No.1
Near Mint
Price: Php 150.00

Stone Volume 2 No.2
Near Mint
Price: Php 150.00

Stone Volume 2 No.3
Near Mint
Price: Php 150.00

Stone Volume 2 No.4
Near Mint
Price: Php 150.00

Kindly contact me through my Gmail if interested:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elements Bits: Seeking Justice


Nicholas Cage – Will Gerard
Guy Pearce – Simon
January Jones – Laura Gerard

After Will Gerard’s wife was brutally attacked, and he feels that the police are not doing everything they can to solve the case, Will hopes to find ways how to bring this man to justice. He is approached by Simon, who represents an organization that claims they can put to justice the man who did this to his wife, swiftly and quietly.

Apprehensive at first, Will thinks it’s a too good to be true offer since Simon claims the services will not cost him a dime. They would just ask for a favor from him later on. And what favor would this be?

Six months have passed, and Will and Laura are doing well, then suddenly, Simon would like to cash in on that favor. But Will refuses to follow Simon’s instructions, and this refusal is met with severe repercussions. Will Gerard may have underestimated the power of Simon’s organization.

Elements Bits number 1:

Justice is blind. Unfortunately for some cases, this is a really bad thing. Because even if at plain sight it can already be proven that a crime has been committed, criminals get away with it because of technicalities. Whether it’s a violation of arrest protocols or mishandled tagging of the evidence, the slightest mistake can tip the scales of justice.

Elements Bits number 2:

Just like in the Godfather, I do this favor for you, and I will call upon your services later on. This gesture can go a long way. It can build trust more than friendship, since the other person now knows that they can rely on you in times of need. But like in the movie, some favors will only get you into more trouble. Evaluate the offers and understand the fine print; you may be selling your soul to the devil already.


How we wish that our justice system is served like how the Three Furies and Dike, the Goddess of Justice execute it.

“It’s not what a lawyer tells me I may do. But it’s what humanity, reason and justice tell me I ought to do.” - Edmund Bruke

I’m a Tourist: Singapore Day 1

It’s been like almost 8 years since I last went on a vacation outside the Philippines. (Why it took that long I’m really not that sure. Work, Basketball, other family activities, fear of flying?) Anyway, finally it happened. But I still had to schedule it on a weekend, and what perfect timing, the week after there was a holiday, so I just managed to take one day off from work.

We arrived in Singapore around midnight already, so we had time to sleep before we officially kicked off our Day 1. Like a real tourist with his camera slung over the neck, we joined a day tour. (I don’t care if I looked like a geeky tourist; I hadn’t been out of the country for 8 years!) After the tour, we had lunch with my wife's cousin, went to a couple of malls, then had dinner with my aunt.

The tour guide was a scary lady. I felt like I was on a military bus on its way to boot camp, because in Singapore they had all these rules, and everything seemed to have a fine. If you’re caught eating or drinking on the bus, there’s a fine. If you’re caught with an un-turned empty flower pot at your house, there is a fine. In jest, they call it a “Fine” city.

But I applaud the citizens of Singapore, you are well disciplined, even simple traffic rules are strictly adhered to unlike here in the Philippines where you have mindless barbaric bus drivers plowing along EDSA thinking it’s a death race! It’s a goddamn 30-foot bus not a sports car!

And so, below are the attractions from Day 1;

(Singapore Flyer; Marina Bay Sands)

Old Chinese Temple

Gem Factory


(It's like a banchetto type restaurant)

Ice Cream Sandwich!!

Heart Attack!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beat'Em Up Babe of the Day: Athena / Immortals

So you’d expect that a God like Athena would be fragile and weak, lounging around the gardens of the Gods and admiring her beauty. Alas, just like the titans, their expectations were wrong.

When Zeus calls forth the Gods to battle, these titans receive a beating they deserved.

Elements Bits: Immortals


Henry Cavill – Theseus
Mickey Rourke – King Hyperion
Stephen Dorff – Stavros
Frieda Pinto – Phaedra
Isabel Lucas – Athena

“All mens’ souls are immortal. But the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.” – Socrates

Legend speaks of the powerful Epirus Bow, that the wielder of the bow can unleash the power of the titans. King Hyperion goes on a crusade to obtain the bow so he can release the titans and wage war with the Gods.

King Hyperion cursed the Gods for not answering his prayers when his family was stricken by a disease, and since the titans are the only entities that have the power to battle with the Gods, the bow would be the key to his revenge.

And to do this, he seeks the virgin oracle Phaedra who can lead him to the location of the bow. But one man stands in their way…Theseus. Trained by Zeus himself, Theseus vows to avenge her mother’s death by the hands of King Hyperion, at the same time protect the oracle and save humanity from the wrath of the titans.

Elements Bits number 1:

Would you rather live forever yet not be remembered, or live one lifetime and achieve immortality through history books. (Or in some case, just live life to the fullest, knowing that you did fairly well.) They say that it takes years to build a reputation and just one act to destroy it. True, in a sense that the deeds of one person can justify the legacy he/she leaves behind. That’s why we need to be very careful when choosing the paths that are set before us. Before being tempted, we might want to ask ourselves, “Is this how I want to be remembered?”


Memorable Quotes:

Old Man: “It’s not living as such that’s important, Theseus. It’s living rightly.”

King Hyperion: “This is what I offer you. Immortality.”
Thesues: “Deeds are eternal. Not the flesh. My death will make me a legend; my deeds will go down in history.”
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