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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Music Defines my Day (Playlist One)

A very good mentor of mine shared a quote; “You are the books you read, the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the people you spend time with, the conversations you engage in. Choose wisely what you feed your mind."

Well generally for music, I don’t stick to one genre and I do like a lot of different tunes. And yeah, depending on the music that I listen to, it does affect my mood in some way. And most of the time depending on that particular day, I already have a preset playlist to define the day that lies ahead.

Hammered Hardstyle Days

Usually these are my Mondays and Tuesdays where there is a lot of pounding at the start of the week. Especially when you work the graveyard, you gotta keep the energy going like it’s a parteeee. (On some days it’s like a circus though, with clowns, huge elephants and monkeys.) You have that feeling like you want to hammer down on so many things. On some days you simply want to get your blood pumping when getting ready to play a game of hoops, and set that mind and body to inflict pain against your opponents. It’s basically your daily does of Bass-gasmic beats or Hardstyle harmonics.

Top 5 on my Pound your Pain List:
  • Tsunami – DVBBS & Borgeous

  • Planet E (Dense & Pika Remix) – Tiga

  • Showtek vs. Donkey Rollers – Showtek

  • Stereophobia – Dark Oscillators

  • Dragonfly – Dash Berlin

Chillounge Days

Thursdays tend to be the days where I would almost find the light at the end of the tunnel or close to surviving the jungle I’ve been through. A time to lay back for a moment and catch my breath or heal battle wounds. Or it could be any day where I would just dream that time would move slower so I can just savor the moment of serenity. These are moments where you thank music for completely drowning out all that nonsense noise around you.

Top 5 on my Shush Be Quiet List:

  • Warm – SG Lewis

  • Ready – Charles Webster

  • Flying Away (Sisco Lounge Mix) – Moony

  • Together in Electric Dreams – Lali Puna

  • Selfish (Chillout Version) - Sunset Daze

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