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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beat' Em Up Babe of the Day - Yeon So-Ha /Shadowless Sword

The city of Sanggyeong, Balhae, year 926. The Killer Blade Army is sent out by the Khitan Royal Court to search and capture the remaining royal princes of the Balhae Kingdom. But every time a prince is found, the leader of the Killer Blade Army executes the princes, (In vengeance of his father's death when the Balhae Royal family executed him) and plots to annihilate the Khitan Royal Court to put up his own rule.

The only hope for the Balhae Kingdom is to seek the last remaining prince, Jeonghyun, and to ensure his safe return they send out Yeon So-Ha, an officer of the Balhae Army.

Yeon So-Ha is our Beat'Em Up Babe of the Day because even when surrounded by 10 thugs, she easily whips them into pieces without a sweat.

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