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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rebooting Elements

It has been 8 months since I last posted anything on my blog, and I didn’t realize how long ago that was.

We get so hung up on so many things, we really tend to miss out or forego on spending time on the things that you really want to do. We try so hard to squeeze in everything in our schedule, but it seems like there isn’t enough time. On some occasions we do these things that we want, to help us take our mind off on other stressful matters. But that too tends to fall off our calendars.

I tired doing a root cause analysis on it, and unfortunately I’d rather not share what has caused this. Some things are best kept to yourself, and you would just have to push the reset button to start things over.

When I started this blog back in May 2009, Elements of Life, I just wanted to share what I have encountered in this lifetime. Everything and anything that is practically under the sun. I am no professional blogger, I have no experience in journalism, I don’t plan to make a career out of it. I simply want to share the things that make me laugh, cry, frustrated, excited, happy, sad, blow my top off, all the emotions that comes after the personal experiences in Life. Because in these personal experiences are some of the Elements that shape our Life.

The past 8 months have really been hectic for me. I seemed to have lost sight of several things. I grind out each day to the limit. You can say that I am at a point where I have exhausted all my energy and is gasping for a recharge. I have probably achieved one characteristic on becoming an astronaut as I have mastered the art of power naps. Because that’s pretty much the kind of sleep time I have nowadays.

There is so much that is expected of you that having to do just one function is not enough. Having to do what is expected is no longer the norm. (When the Norm No Longer Exists) You have to evolve in becoming cross-skilled. Even doing the extra mile, boy, you gotta go farther than one mile; it’s now a cross-country hike. So you see, you get cross-skilled, you do a cross-country, but be careful not to get cross-eyed.

People say to take a step back, take time off, disconnect. Yup, pretty much did that. I even blogged about getting disconnected Disconnect to Reconnect 

So do I need a reboot? (Similar to what I do with my 2007 desktop PC every time things get messed up already and it hangs up on me, I just literally unplug it and boot it up again.) Though it’s about time I should get a new one. This PC is croaking up already, I get notifications that Microsoft will no longer support my platform, Google Chrome will no longer send updates, and I can hear the internal fans also gasping for air.

Well, I can’t buy a new me. So I will have to deal with what me has to offer.

But there are certain Elements of Life that you can probably reboot in order for you to be revitalized. Look at the little things that make you happy. Capitalize on those. It doesn’t even have to be a huge thing because if you have trickles of happiness, it will have a ripple effect. Getting frustrated has no place in this Life, you just don’t have time for negative Elements. That time can very well be spent on something better.

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