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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm a Tourist: Emerald Playa Resort

When we finished our Underground River tour, we went back to the port where there was a beach where the kids were waiting for us. Unfortunately at their age, they would not have fully appreciated the caves and might even be scared of it. So they just stayed at the port beach with grandma.

(Aha!! Is that ice-cream you're eating!?)
(Someone isn't happy, because the sand is not cooperating.)
(Buko Shake anyone?)

Our flight on the last day was at 5:00PM, so we still had time for one last hurrah. At first the family was planning to take the Honda Bay island hopping tour, but made a wise decision to just stay close to the mainland as not to rush everyone in coming back. (For me, it was really a good choice so that I would have a reason to go back to Palawan)
So we ended up in Emerald Playa Beach Resort, which was just a good 15 minutes away from the hotel. Although there was pool at the hotel, it just didn't seem right to be in Palawan and not experience it's other beaches.

(This is actually the beachfront of Microtel Resort, they were sharing it with Emerald Playa)
When noon came, you know what's next. Lunch at Haim Chicken Inato. (It's seems that we were only able to take a picture of the menu, because when the food arrived, it was a free for all.)
Palawan...I'll be back.
Day Two: Underground River

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